Interface Dimensions - Business Development and Sales Innovations Interface Dimensions - Business Development and Sales Innovations  
  Most businesses understand that identifying and developing relationships with strategic business partners is critical to the development and growth of a business.  In many cases what is needed is to develop an approach that augments existing sales channels with new strategic business partners to energize the channels.

Designing and implementing a sales channel program is challenging and fraught with risk.  The challenge is to identify and leverage the most effective channels to support your go-to-market strategy and the risk is alienating your core customers, direct sales force or business partners.

The solution is to structure a balanced channel program that meets the needs of core customers while leveraging existing direct sales reps, retaining strategic channel partners, recruiting new strategic partners and meeting business goals.

Interface Dimensions can help you:
  • Identify and recruit or establish joint ventures and teaming relationships with strategic business partners
  • Augment existing channel programs through strategic alliances
  • Design and implement new sales channel programs to improve marketing and sales goals
  • Redesign existing channel programs to increase marketing and sales effectiveness while improving the productivity and loyalty of channel partners and direct sales force
Each engagement is highly customized to help solve your specific business problems and deliver tangible results.  Our years of experience in developing effective business partner programs will help to ensure your success.