Interface Dimensions - Business Development and Sales Innovations Interface Dimensions - Business Development and Sales Innovations  
  Is your sales team meeting their targets?

Are they delivering solutions based on a firm understanding of your
clients’ business problems or are they simply taking orders?

Sales is a uniquely human experience.  People buy from people they like
and trust.  Gaining the trust and confidence of your clients requires a
significant investment on the part of each member of your sales and
service teams to develop, nurture and manage client relationships over

Interface Dimensions can provide your sales and service teams with the knowledge, skills and tools to become trusted advisors to your clients and deliver solutions based on your clients’ specific business requirements.
Our proven approach can help breathe new life and energy into your sales
and service teams by:
  • Enabling your sales force with specific product value propositions
    and sales techniques
  • Aligning product and service offerings to specific market segments
  • Optimizing sales territories
  • Training your teams on the basics of proposal preparation, effective presentations, negotiations and consultative selling techniques
  • Designing sales compensation programs to drive revenue in specific areas. 
To help you grow revenue by improving the effectiveness of your entire organization, our experienced consultants will work directly with your clients, marketing organization, sales reps, service reps and management teams to align goals, identify issues and design a custom training and enablement program to address your unique requirements.