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  Technology commercialization is not limited to companies in the high tech industry.  In fact, many companies conduct scientific research and work with technology as part of their product development efforts, but do not consider themselves to be in the high tech industry.

Examples include:
  • Commercializing an entrepreneurial practical application of science
  • Leveraging corporate research and practical science in product development efforts
  • Introducing existing/fully developed core technology into new markets
Whether you are an entrepreneur or an established business, whether you
are a high-tech company or not, Interface Dimensions can help in two key
areas of product/technology commercialization:
  1. Business development (marketing and sales) support
    • For clients seeking extra support with the implementation of
      their business plan
      • Interview key stakeholders (clients, marketing organizations, development organizations, IT, sales
        reps, service reps, management teams and executives)
      • Identify issues and align goals
      • Leverage competitive advantages
      • Design and implement custom enablement programs
        to align stakeholders with the objectives of the
        business plan
  1. Strategic partners, joint ventures, teaming relationships
    • For clients seeking to create new routes to market or expand existing product sales and distribution channels
      • Identify and vet candidates
      • Initiate dialog with candidates and bring them to the negotiation table
      • Establish strategic joint, licensing or teaming
      • Lead or support negotiations
      • Negotiate mutually fair and balanced agreement(s)
        with the most value added partner(s)
      • Nurture and manage relationships with strategic
Identifying and securing relationships with strategic partners and the
formation of joint ventures are complex, resource-intense projects.
Interface Dimensions realizes that every client’s needs are unique.  As such, each engagement is highly customized to help solve your specific business problems, implement your business plan and deliver tangible results.  Our
years of experience in creating and implementing effective business development and technology commercialization programs will help to ensure your success.